Frequent Questions

Q: What will the trail cost to build?  A: The State has alocated $8 million for the 34-mile section of the trail and $25 million for rail restoration to Tupper Lake.

Q: When can we use the trail?  A: This is dependent on the State.  Rails between Tupper Lake and Lake Placid are completely removed.  It can now be used by hikers, snowmobiles, and fat-tire bikes.  Construction estimates for the finished trail call for three years.  There is pressure on the State to accelerate construction given the economic cost to the municipalities along the way of further delays.  Wetland mitigation, however, is a gating issue that will not be resolved until the APA and Army Corps of Engineers issue permits.

Q:  Are the rails to Tupper Lake going to stay in place indefinitely?  A: Tthe revised UMP calls for those rails to be upgraded to accomodate train service to Tupper Lake.  There are major questions remaining about the actual costs versus the level of ridership that could be expected on what will be the longest tourist train jouney in the United States.  Very few riders currently take the train as far as Big Moose.

Q: If it will remain for snowmobiles only, how will I get my bicycle between Old Forge / Thendara and Tupper Lake?  A:If the train is restored as planned you will be able to take your bike on the train to Tupper Lake

Q: will e-ebikes be allowed on the trail between Tupper Lake and Lake Placid?  A: Yes, Class 1 e-bikes will be allowed