Volunteer Stewardship Agreement Reached

In a positive development for the Adirondack Rail Trail, ARTA is pleased to announce that a Volunteer Stewardship Agreement (VSA) has been successfully reached with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC). This agreement empowers ARTA to actively engage in the maintenance of the Adirondack Rail Trail.
The VSA is a significant step toward preserving, maintaining, and enhancing the Adirondack Rail Trail, aligning with all relevant laws and regulations set forth by NYSDEC. To bolster the success of this endeavor, we invite the Adirondack Rail Trail community to join our stewardship program. Your involvement is crucial in our mission to ensure the longevity and vibrancy of this remarkable trail.
Become a volunteer and participate in organized tasks, including clearing fallen trees and debris, trail brushing, mowing the shoulders, inspecting and replacing trail markers and signs, litter collection, and utilizing motorized saws for maintenance. Your contribution will leave a lasting impact and help maintain the trail for our community.
For those eager to be part of this initiative, please complete an individual volunteer application and email it to info@adirondackrailtrail.org. Let's unite as a community to preserve this beautiful trail and secure its status as a cherished community asset for years to come. Your support is instrumental in shaping the future of the Adirondack Rail Trail.
Reminder for Trail Users:
Stop, Look, and Listen at Crosswalks for Safe Trail Intersections
[when the trail opens]

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