Spring 2023 Update

ARTA is ready, let’s get moving! As Joe Mercurio, President of the Adirondack Rail Trail Association Board of Directors, said in November “I’m absolutely thrilled. I haven’t put myself on a bike in several years, but I plan on getting on one come hell or high water when this thing gets finished and that will be great.” Everyone at ARTA shares Joe’s sentiment when it comes to construction on the Adirondack Rail Trail. New York State and Kubricky Construction Corp. are preparing to resume construction on the trail this spring. As NYS focuses on construction, ARTA has been working across multiple fronts this spring to support NYS and ensure all trail users will have a safe and enjoyable experience on the Adirondack Rail Trail:

ARTA Welcomes New Board Members
  • Brad Hathaway, Village of Lake Placid
  • Jimmy Williams, Village of Saranac Lake
  • Rick Donah, Town of Tupper Lake
  • Pete Edwards, Village of Tupper Lake
  • Derek Doty & Emily Politi, Town of North Elba
  • Jordanna Mallach & Jeff Denkenberger, Town of Harrietstown
  • John Brockway, Town of Harrietstown, Business Representative
  • Matt Delaney, Town of North Elba, Business Representative
  • Rachel Karp, Saranac Lake, Chamber of Commerce
ARTA is thrilled to have the interest and support of these new board members as the organization’s efforts accelerate in 2023. ARTA is still accepting nominations for two additional business representatives—one from the Town of North Elba and one from the Town of Tupper Lake. The seat to be filled by one representative from the Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism (ROOST) will be voted on in May.
Price Chopper's Golub Foundation
Thank you to Price Chopper's Golub Foundation for their generous support of ARTA’s Multi-Community Plan.
North Elba Local Enhancement and Advancement Fund (LEAF)
Thank you to the North Elba LEAF for the generous award to fund bike racks and toilets at strategic locations in North Elba.
Coming in 2024: New ARTA Website & Merchandise
ARTA’s website will have a new design in 2024. Details will be publicized at key points, but users can expect a new look and experience when visiting ARTA’s site later this year. Similarly, Adirondack Rail Trail gear will quickly become the most stylish way to show your support for ARTA. ARTA expects multiple clothing and accessory options available for purchase by summer.
Executive Director’s Report
When construction on the entire 34-mile Adirondack Rail Trail is completed, it will be an accessible, multi-use trail that unites and benefits residents and visitors in the Adirondacks through recreation and transportation as well as education and appreciation of Adirondack history and ecology. The work of the Adirondack Rail Trail Association (ARTA) is critical to realizing that goal. To that effect, ARTA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that works with other state and local agencies and organizations. Your contribution to ARTA supports our efforts around the Adirondack Rail Trail. It helps us continue to work with partners to promote the Adirondack Rail Trail as a world-class tourism destination and leverage additional financial support to advance the entire region.
The Town of Tupper Lake, Village of Tupper Lake, Town of Harrietstown, Village of Saranac Lake, Town of North Elba, Village of Lake Placid, and their non-profit partner, the Adirondack Rail Trail Association (ARTA), work together to plan for, encourage, and assist in recreation, tourism, and community development across the Adirondack Rail Trail. ARTA is committed to working with its New York State partners, namely the Department of Environmental Conservation, in this effort. 
How Can You Support ARTA’s Work Today? 
  • Credit Card Gifts: Make your gift securely by visiting ARTA's PayPal page, or by calling us with credit card information, at 518-323-9590. Giving by credit card makes it easy to support our work on a one-time or recurring basis.
  • Volunteer: Register to become a volunteer with ARTA through the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation. Once DEC approves, ARTA volunteers will help to monitor and maintain the trail as outlined in the Unit Management Plan.


Has a more precise date been set for the completion of the Lake Placid-Saranac Lake phase, or is it still vaguely set for "fall of 2023"? And what about completion of the rest of the RT to Tupper Lake? Is that still generally projected for 2025? Also, why is the state's excuse for taking so long? That's a great map you did to show where the Adirondack Rail Trail fits into the Adirondack Park.

September 2023 is still the planned date of completion for phase 1. November 2024 is the deadline for phase 2. The bidding and contract for phase 3 will be solidified next year, but we anticipate the completion of work in Tupper Lake to be in the fall of 2025.

Would someone from the board please just show up at a Santa Clara town board meeting and during the public discussion explain more about the rail trail and the memo of understanding?? I don’t believe thy clearly understand what it mens!! Thanks, bev

Hi Bev. I attended the April meeting precisely because of this and made no progress. ARTA hopes to bring this up for discussion next summer with Santa Clara. The minutes of that meeting can be found here: https://townofsantaclara.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/Santa-Clara-Town-Board-Minutes-April-13-2023.pdf

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